Dominators: Telex Championship Results!

Telex Championship Results: Dominators – Winner: Aarav Gupta with 13/15 points

New Zoom Chess Courses!

Michael Basman, February 2021 Starting after half term (on Thursday 25th February 2021) there are new zoom chess classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced (up to grade 1800 or 150ECF) players. The beginner/intermediate class is given by Olivia Smithies; the intermediate/advanced class is delivered by International Master Mike Basman. As a SPECIAL INNOVATION the intermediate/advancedContinue reading “New Zoom Chess Courses!”

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK – Beginner to Winner in 2 Months

Product of the Week – Beginner to Winner by International Master Michael Basman

Mike Basman’s YouTube Chess Lessons

Many of you are now aware that on Wednesday afternoons, between 1pm-2pm (in UK) Mike Basman now livestreams a chess lesson onto our Twitch account. On Wednesday afternoons these livestreams are uploaded to our YouTube account. You can watch our most recent livestream below: In the first half of each livestream (approximately half an hour)Continue reading “Mike Basman’s YouTube Chess Lessons”

Mike Basman now on Twitch!

Introducing Mike Basman on Twitch and Youtube!

Understanding Descriptive Notation

Gone but not forgotten – a chess article by IM Michael Basman on understanding descriptive notation as opposed to algebraic notation. Illustrations, and an example game show how to use and read descriptive notation with ease.

Puzzle Competitions Coming Soon!

The new chess website – – has everything for every type of chess player; tournaments, lessons, a book stall, reports of champion players, articles and now: COMPETITIONS! The Mike Basman Chess Course is unrivalled for its insight and imagination and anyone who uses it will realise that the sky is no limit for theirContinue reading “Puzzle Competitions Coming Soon!”

Between a Rook and a Hard Place

Article by Martin O’Malley written for Mike Basman Chess about playing chess through a pandemic: virtual chess during lockdown.