Brightening Northern Skies: Northumbrian Masters

Michael Basman writes up the Northumbrian Masters, August 2021. Analysis of a game from the competition using the Grob Ga-ga Gambit.

INVISIBLE CHESS ARMY: March chess rankings

March 2021 Invisible Army Rankings, Juniors and Adults. Have you improved your chess this month?

New Zoom Chess Courses!

Michael Basman, February 2021 Starting after half term (on Thursday 25th February 2021) there are new zoom chess classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced (up to grade 1800 or 150ECF) players. The beginner/intermediate class is given by Olivia Smithies; the intermediate/advanced class is delivered by International Master Mike Basman. As a SPECIAL INNOVATION the intermediate/advancedContinue reading “New Zoom Chess Courses!”

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK – Beginner to Winner in 2 Months

Product of the Week – Beginner to Winner by International Master Michael Basman