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Everybody’s Talking About the Bird

By Mike Basman

Everybody’s Talking About the Bird

Who was England’s greatest chess player? What is London’s top chess club? Is Doublelot chess superior to Fischer random? Read this book – your chess will never be the same.


Our Bestsellers

Chess: From Beginner to Winner

The ultimate beginner’s book. Describes the rules, capturing, value, recapture, the safe threat, meeting threats; also the special rules, basic mates, and the seven rules of the opening. All with 25 timed exercises and a ‘game plan’ for unleashing against the unlucky adversary.


UFO’s: Or Play like an Alien

The aliens can teach us a lot about chess. Enter the twilight zone and discover the science of UFOs – leaving Unguarded, Focused attacks, Opening/closing lines – these describe an approach to chess that is neither entirely material nor yet tactical.


Two Birds with One Stone

A landmark in chess exposition, these 14 sections and 114 puzzles, assembled by chess teachers Wade, Bott and Morrison give the new player an excellent grounding in tactical motifs.


The Creepy Crawly Opening

This tentacular opening with the soft centre engulfs the opponent from the edges. The introduction shows how opening principles are subtly rearranged. 12 illustrative games follow. Opening begins 1.h3, 2. a3 or 1. … a6.


Activators: All you need to know about Chess.

A superior beginner’s book, which covers the rules of the game interspersed with lively anecdotes, cartoons, tips, and even a rap song. Highly recommended.


Find the Mate!

There are 50 positions in this book, but each opens up to make more than one puzzle. A brilliant introduction to the magical world of checkmate. Ideal for group and individual instruction.


Mate in One Move

Getting out of check as well as mating tests.


Mate in Two Moves

Ideal for sharpening the mating skill of the novice. 10 sets of six positions plus a marking system to monitor progress.


Chess Traps for your Unwary Opponent

Obligatory reading for all beginners, this contains six of the most common opening traps.


Dancing with Kings

In the endgame, away from the hustle and bustle, the kings perform their stately dance. The book shows how you can conduct this part of the game with grace and skill.


100 Death Defying Chess Positions

100 positions specially selected by Mike Basman to improve your tactical skills. An excellent sequel to Two Birds with One Stone.


Secrets of Chess

Vital knowledge for chess players, strikingly explained with large clear diagrams and red arrows. Scholar’s mate, the Lawn Mower, the Swap, the Lassoo and ‘Deathtrap Castle’ are some of the subjects amusingly discussed


How to Play the Opening like a Master

Explains the rules of the opening that all strong players follow, with five test games.


Silent Encounter: A Chess Movie shot in Black and White

A novel way to teach an opening, giving a diagram for every single move played. The opening (Giuoco Piano) is very suitable for beginners and club players.


Crouching Tiger

A pawn pyramid in the centre is the springboard to explosive middle game attacks


Logical Chess: Move by Move

By Chernev. The classic unequalled exposition of positional play, based on move-by-move analysis of 32 master games.



The ability to work several moves ahead in the head, without moving the pieces, is a hallmark of a strong player. These exercises, of gradually increasing difficulty, develop this vital skill.


Three Steps to Heaven

Or checkmate, as it happens. In an original book, the solver is given three attempts to crack the two-move chess puzzle, each time receiving extra help to unravel the problem.


Choose your Move

Elegant format allows you to select one of three options every move and rate your skill in brilliant master games


100 Killer Moves

A puzzle book starting with basic one-move mates, and working towards challenging combinations.


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