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As a game of chess can be over in as little as two or four moves, the opening stage has enormous importance. Here is a selection of books, explained in an engaging fashion, which will give you much needed confidence in this stage of the game. All the books are valuable, but stand out items are, ‘Secrets of Chess’, ‘How to Play the Opening like a Master’, ‘Chess Traps for your Unwary Opponent’, ‘Silent Encounter’, ‘Creepy Crawly’, ‘Chess Openings’ and ‘Crash Course in the Chess Openings’.

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How to Play the Opening like a Master

Explains the rules of the opening that all strong players follow, with five test games.


Chess Traps for your Unwary Opponent

Obligatory reading for all beginners, this contains six of the most common opening traps.


Secrets of Chess

Vital knowledge for chess players, strikingly explained with large clear diagrams and red arrows. Scholar’s mate, the Lawn Mower, the Swap, the Lassoo and ‘Deathtrap Castle’ are some of the subjects amusingly discussed


Silent Encounter: A Chess Movie shot in Black and White

A novel way to teach an opening, giving a diagram for every single move played. The opening (Giuoco Piano) is very suitable for beginners and club players.


Crouching Tiger

A pawn pyramid in the centre is the springboard to explosive middle game attacks


Central Attack: A New Opening for White

Features the opening line: 1. e4, e5; 2. Nf3, Nc6; 3. d4, exd4 first described in the book by Keene and Levy ‘Opening repertoire for the attacking player’, but now condensed and explained by Mike Basman.


The Creepy Crawly Opening

This tentacular opening with the soft centre engulfs the opponent from the edges. The introduction shows how opening principles are subtly rearranged. 12 illustrative games follow. Opening begins 1.h3, 2. a3 or 1. … a6.


Chess Openings

Written by Mike Basman and published by Crowood. The best book for novices in the opening. Besides describing 5 openings in detail, it also sets them in the context of the overall plan of the opening.


The Elephant Gambit

A novel opening that up-ends your opponent right from the word go. 1. e4, e5 2. Nf3, d5! You can play the ‘Red Rag’, the ‘Wild Elephant’ and several other exciting lines.


Crash Course in the Chess Openings

A quick whip-around some powerful plans in the opening.


The St. George in Action

The St. George is one of the group of openings that specializes in rule 0 – delayed central occupation – and is an excellent system for any player hoping to throw his opponent off-balance.


English Opening

A six mini-book collection. One of the soundest first moves for White (c4). Different aspects of the system are discussed in 6 Grandmaster games.


Sicilian Close

A six mini-book collection. The opening that brought Boris Spassky the World Championship in 1969


The Adventures of Freddy the Pawn

A thrilling and heartwarming story about the greatest pawn that ever lived (and died) – Freddy on f7.


Train and Explain

Study chess games in three stages – play the moves, read the commentary, test your memory. User participation enables you to get under the skin of two classic openings; the Giuoco Piano and the Two Knights Defence.


The Perfect Plan

A short test-yourself game which describes an elegant plan that readers can put into effect in their own games.


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