Positional Chess Books

Just as chess is 99% tactics (according to Grandmaster Teichmann) you cannot be successful without overall plans. The classic book of this genre is Chernev’s ‘Logical Chess: Move by Move’.

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Basman: My Best Games 1959-1961

Basman’s early games, analysed by Basman’s early self.


Drama Kings and Queens

Eight question and answer games from some of the most dramatic encounters on the chess board


How to Play the Middle Game… Like a Champion

Four classic games are dissected to uncover rules you can put to good use in the middle game.


Logical Chess: Move by Move

By Chernev. The classic unequalled exposition of positional play, based on move-by-move analysis of 32 master games.


You the Master

32 games taken from Chernev’s ‘Logical Chess’, laid out in ‘test yourself’ fashion.



Bobby Fischer is widely regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. Here is a four book collection discussing in depth some of his greatest victories from his heyday in the sixties.



Alekhine is ranked among the immortal players, particularly for his attacking skills. His masterpieces live on. A four book collection of four great games in ‘Turnover’ style from the world’s greatest attacking player.


You the Master: Alekhine 1907-1914

Alekhine’s games laid out in a ‘test yourself’ fashion for the improving player to work on.


Steve Davis Plays Chess

By Norward/Davis. Dave Norwood could have been a successful chess teacher… instead he made a million out of computers. Here he shows snooker champion Steve Davis just where he is going wrong – and how to go right.


Choose your Move

Elegant format allows you to select one of three options every move and rate your skill in brilliant master games


Make Way for my Brain!

Several short and snappy games which enable you to participate. It’s as though you were there


Chess Player’s Work Book

To understand a game one must play it and work at it. Parrot fashion is out, real study with feedback is in! The key to chess mastery!


The Perfect Plan

A short test-yourself game which describes an elegant plan that readers can put into effect in their own games.


Prime Time Chess

No better way to spend an hour than studying this beautiful game. Full scoring system gives you a ranking at the end of the game.


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