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The Mike Basman Chess Shop is dedicated to making chess popular and players worldwide – rather than, as at present, a niche activity. Each of these books will help you to become a great player, and, a great teacher!

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CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Teaching Chess – The easy way to learn

A somewhat more simplified approach to the ground-breaking ‘Manual for Chess Teachers’. This book deals essentially with getting across the basic rules to classes of beginners. It features several miniature games, when pupils are able to play with only pawns, or queens etc., in order to grasp the different types of movement.


CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Manual for Chess Teachers

Contains 20 chapters describing how a teacher can bring a class of beginners up to a strong standard of play. Subjects include: the rules, writing moves, safe moves, threats, quality of play, Scholar’s Mare, checkmating, basic mates, rules of the opening, knight and bishop attack on f7, running a chess tournament. Can also be used for solo instruction.


Starting Chess

By Pat Armstrong. An experienced chess teacher describes how mini-games can be used to start new players off. Particularly useful for groups of children


Victory Chess Tests

These work best as one-to-one verbal tests, with questions on one side of the page, and answers on the other. All the tests can be found in one book, and pages can be photocopied. Teacher’s source material can be found in:

Chess: Beginner to Winner in 2 Months
Mate in One Move
Mate in Two Moves
Secrets of Chess
Chess Traps for your Unwary Opponent
Find the Mate!
Ticks and Triangles

Beginners: Covers moves of the pieces, capturing, value, setting up board, castling, when you cannot castle, en passant, stalement, recording, check, checkmate and escaping check.

Advanced Part 1: Covers the end of the game (Kings and pawns)

Intermediate Part 1: Covers castling, Scholar’s mate, recording, knight and bishop attack on f7.

Advanced Part 2: Covers opening rules and tactics.

Intermediate Part 2: description coming soon

Advanced Part 3: Covers Fried Liver, Copy Cat, and Canal Trap

Intermediate Part 3: description coming soon


All seven tests in one book (pages can be photocopied).


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