Our Website

Mikebasmanchess.com was set up in the middle of Covid-19 lockdown, when access to face-to-face chess playing was limited, certainly outside your household. Here we provide learning resources and socially distanced lessons and tournaments so you can keep up your practice.

In the future we plan to provide details of up and coming in-person tournaments, chess clubs and workshops, and to provide the results of said events.

Our sister site, the Wey Valley website, webmastered by Pat Armstrong, has details of our county offerings – our Surrey junior chess teams, tournaments and their results. The Wey Valley Chess teams are currently organised by Mike Basman, Pat Armstrong, Olivia Smithies and Emma-Jane Billington-Phillips.

International Master Mike Basman…

… has taught chess to promising chess players for decades, and has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the areas in which a player can improve their game. For a very reasonable price you can choose from a selection of his chess books, please browse the bookshop.

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