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The Flexible Mind

Having been taught the rigid rules of Material Chess, the pupil is now asked to sacrifice pieces to gain an advantage. Many players cannot make this transition, and either become wildly extravagant or timidly risk free. These books will teach you how to obtain tactical and analytical skills, without losing your material base.

One of the greatest books on basic tactical skills is ‘Two Birds with One Stone’, written by Wade, Bott and Morrison. ‘100 Death Defying Chess Positions’ extends your skills, as do the test yourself analytical books, based on real game situations.

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Basic Skills

Two Birds with One Stone

A landmark in chess exposition, these 14 sections and 114 puzzles, assembled by chess teachers Wade, Bott and Morrison give the new player an excellent grounding in tactical motifs.


100 Killer Moves

A puzzle book starting with basic one-move mates, and working towards challenging combinations.


100 Death Defying Chess Positions

100 positions specially selected by Mike Basman to improve your tactical skills. An excellent sequel to Two Birds with One Stone.


Puzzle Me Chess

Mates in one and capture puzzles for beginners


Beginner’s Book of Forks

Explains the fork with many test positions.



Make Way for my Brain!

Several short and snappy games which enable you to participate. It’s as though you were there


You the Master

32 games taken from Chernev’s ‘Logical Chess’, laid out in ‘test yourself’ fashion.


You the Master: Alekhine 1907-1914

Alekhine’s games laid out in a ‘test yourself’ fashion for the improving player to work on.


Choose your Move

Elegant format allows you to select one of three options every move and rate your skill in brilliant master games


Prime Time Chess

No better way to spend an hour than studying this beautiful game. Full scoring system gives you a ranking at the end of the game.


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