Chess Equipment

Would you like a chess set to play on, or do need some equipment for your chess clubs/tournaments? Look no further!

Please note that all payments include shipping costs to the UK only. We may be able to accommodate alternative payment/shipping options, or bulk order discounts if you contact us directly, so please get in touch!

10 x Chess Set and Board

In a school environment, size matters. The 3" kings take up less space in the classroom and the sets weigh about half as much as the standard, 4" kings. A decisive move indeed! Chess boards are roll up plastic with 1.75" squares.


1 x Chess Set and Board

This chess set is taylor-made for schools, tournaments and casual play. Sets are neat, light weight, stable and store easily. The plastic board is durable and should be stored flat inside a cardboard sleeve. Chess sets (in plastic box) have 3" kings. Chess boards are roll up plastic with 1.75" squares.


1 x Chess Board

Individual plastic roll up chess board


1 x Chess Pieces

Chess pieces come in a plastic box with 3" kings.


Chess demonstration Board and Pieces

Chess teacher Diya Dhawan shows that the state-of-the-art, lightweight slot-in board is perfect for demonstrating the Blackmar Diemer to a class of children. It works with other openings as well!


Hook-A-Book Chess Set

This magnetic 4" chess set hooks neatly on to the pages of your chess book or magazine. Thus, one hand is free to move the pieces.


Analogue Chess Clock

Want to practice playing under time pressure? A perfect chess clock for home games.


Chess Pairing Board

Suitable for pairing up to 32 players. Great for chess clubs and tournaments.


Ultimate Score Book

Want to record your tournament matches? This is for you. Comes with cardboard folders for storing your games.


Refill Pad for Ultimate Score Book

When you have run out of score sheets in your 'Ultimate Score Book' top it up with a refill pad.


Playground Pocket Chess Set

A magnetic, folding 4" square board, with space for captured pieces.


If you need help choosing the right equipment for you, or for alternative payment or bulk order options, give us a buzz!

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