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Material Chess and Accuracy

Any beginner trying to reach a good standard of play is confronted by the need for accuracy. The only book to really address this problem is the seminal ‘Beginner to Winner’, published 1989. Musicians, gymnasts, dancers, actors, boxers can all relate to the this – one false note, one false move, one careless moment, can result in ‘nul point’!

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Chess: From Beginner to Winner

The ultimate beginner’s book. Describes the rules, capturing, value, recapture, the safe threat, meeting threats; also the special rules, basic mates, and the seven rules of the opening. All with 25 timed exercises and a ‘game plan’ for unleashing against the unlucky adversary.


Activators: All you need to know about Chess

A superior beginner’s book, which covers the rules of the game interspersed with lively anecdotes, cartoons, tips, and even a rap song. Highly recommended.


Puzzle Me Chess

Mates in one and capture puzzles for beginners


The Adventures of Freddy the Pawn

A thrilling and heartwarming story about the greatest pawn that ever lived (and died) – Freddy on f7.


Ticks and Triangles (The Way to Blunder-Free Chess)

Furious with yourself for that stupid blunder that threw away a winning position? With Mike Basman’s patent method, you can play with confidence again.


The Ultimati Guide to Chess

An essential foundation for playing chess, introducing fundamental concepts and tequniques


Looking Ahead in Chess

Stepping-stone chess. First one move, then two, then three and four. At each stage you are guided on the path to true analysis


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