Arcadian Chess Books

Checkmate and Basic Skills

Arcadian Chess, closely linked to tactical chess, deals with the all important subject of the life and death of kings, their attack and defence.

‘Mate in One Move’ and ‘Mate in Two Moves’ are the basic books, while ‘Visi-Power’ develops the ability to look forward and analyse in your head.

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The Basics: Derived from real game positions.

Mate in One Move

Getting out of check as well as mating tests.


Mate in Two Moves

Ideal for sharpening the mating skill of the novice. 10 sets of six positions plus a marking system to monitor progress.



The ability to work several moves ahead in the head, without moving the pieces, is a hallmark of a strong player. These exercises, of gradually increasing difficulty, develop this vital skill.


Puzzle Me Chess

Mates in one and capture puzzles for beginners


Secrets of Chess

Vital knowledge for chess players, strikingly explained with large clear diagrams and red arrows. Scholar’s mate, the Lawn Mower, the Swap, the Lassoo and ‘Deathtrap Castle’ are some of the subjects amusingly discussed


Chess Puzzle Book

Contains one-move and longer checkmates


The Problems: Constructed game positions.

Three Steps to Heaven

Or checkmate, as it happens. In an original book, the solver is given three attempts to crack the two-move chess puzzle, each time receiving extra help to unravel the problem.


Having Fun With Chess Problems

The amazing world of chess problems is examined here. Guaranteed to amuse and enthuse any chess player


Which Way are the Pawns Going?

26 mate-in-two problems from the masters of the art.


Sharpen your Skills

Concentration is developed with these graded checkmates.


Check Each Check

First book of a trilogy.


Beat the Cheat

Second book of a trilogy.


Tough Cookie

Third book of a trilogy.


The Problem Known as the B’stard

An unusual book, which describes a challenge puzzle which is both amazing, annoying and challenging at the same time. Purchase at your peril!


Advanced Chess Thinking

These two move problems, created by the legendary American composer and fairground artist Sam Loyd, will give you a glimpse of genius


The Mightiest of Minds

by James Rayner. This book takes us behind the scenes and shows not only how to solve problems, but also how to construct them.


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