MEMORY: Mike the Teacher


… We’re really sad for the loss of Mike, and remember his immense contribution to developing the love of chess games, especially for the children in the UK. He made it easy to catch the passion for chess and to make active/playful/restless boys/girls to sit and think. 

I found a pic of Josh Seet analysing his game with Mike, this was taken on 27th Oct 2019 where Mike was doing what he always did, analysing games after their games in a tournament. Mike Basman also provided some 1:1 coaching at our house to Josh a few times.  


We hope to share more memories at the Mike Basman’s Memorial Rapidplay on Sunday 23rd April (St. George’s Day) at Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton. If you have a memory or favourite photograph of Mike you would like to share, please get in touch.


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