Puzzle Competitions Coming Soon!

The new chess website – mikebasmanchess.com – has everything for every type of chess player; tournaments, lessons, a book stall, reports of champion players, articles and now: COMPETITIONS!

The Mike Basman Chess Course is unrivalled for its insight and imagination and anyone who uses it will realise that the sky is no limit for their ambitions! We will be releasing a weekly puzzle competition on our blog, in which you can compete at beginner, intermediate and advanced level – beginners puzzles to start. After a set of 6 puzzles (over 6 weeks), top scorers can win a solver badge and a free lesson with the teacher of their choice.

Remember to come back each week to complete all 6 puzzles for a chance to win, and check out the solutions which will be posted up once the weekly competition has closed.

The first puzzle will be released on 08/08/2020 – enter your email and subscribe below to be notified the moment it’s up!

Edit: First puzzle is now online – click HERE to view!

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