Telex Championship Results

All our players are winners, but here are the historic champions of our Telex competitions.

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10th Championship

See full results here.

Experions Elite Championship

Champion: Sammy Leakey

Runners Up: Advika Konala, Rohan Bhalla, Advait Konala, Pratyush Joshi, Nathaniel Schofield

9th Championship

See full results here.

Surrey Telex Elite Championship

Champion: Sebastian M-Garcia

Runners Up: Aarav Gupta, Nathaniel Butcher, Pratyush Joshi, Rohan Bhalla

8th Championship

Article to be published – see full results here.

Clash of Champions

Champion: Arjan and Diya Dhawan

Runners Up: Pratyush Joshi, Praneeta Karjodka, Advika Konala, Natalie Weaver

7th Championship

Full results here.

Surrey Telex Cadet Championship

Champion: Brahman Kurunathan

Runners Up: Sammy Leakey, Advait Bendale, Sammy Southwell, Aathiran Oyalood, Chinmyee Mayouran

6th Championship

Full results here.

Surrey Telex Challengers

Champion: Melanie Norris

Runners Up: Vardhan Mehotra, Aathiran Oyalood, Sammy Southwell, Thooyaa Ravishangar, Drayvian Thiruvannan.

5th Championship

Full results here.

Surrey Telex Challengers

Champion: Rohan Bhalla

Runners Up: Aarav Gupta, Sammy Leakey, Ewan Kim, Advait Bendale, Ayaan Katyayan

4th Championship

Full results here.

Queens of Chess Championship

Champion: Olivia Smithies

Runners Up: Nette Robinson, Fen Chen

3rd Championship

Full results here.

All Surrey Telex Championship

Champion: Arjan Dhawan

Runners Up: Tony Yu, Brahman Kurun, Rohan Bhalla

2nd Championship

Full results here.

LEH Absolute Championship

Champion: Advika Konala

Runners Up: Jahanvi Mathur, Joy Janaki, Theresa Wolf

1st Championship

Full results here.

Home Counties Telex Championship

Champion: Natalie Weaver

Runners Up: Praneeta Karjodkar, Sammy Leakey, Advait Bendale

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