Surrey Telex Challengers Results

Here are the full results of our fifth Telex Championship: Surrey Telex Challengers

A well contested event between up and coming Surrey junior players saw victory go to Rohan Bhalla of Claremont School.  Congratulations also to runners-up Aarav Gupta (Kings College) who won the gold medal; silver medalist Sammy Leakey (Parkside School) and Ewan Kim (Burlington Primary) who took the bronze medal.

1. Rohan Bhallax3333315
2. Aarav Gupta1x333313
3. Sammy Leakey11x33311
4. Ewan Kim111x339
5. Advait Bendale1111x26
6. Ayaan Katyayan11112x6

If you would like to be involved in playing in an upcoming Telex Championship, please get in touch! If you want to see more results from our Telex Championships click here.

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