Telex Championships

Our Telex Championships are remote competitions which you can participate in from your home.

Our Telex Chess Championships

The Telex or long distance tournaments, are a vital part of the teaching process. Due to the viral epidemic, normal chess contact through club or tournament is not available, but this crisis can be crafted into an opportunity. By setting up sections of evenly matched players, and not insisting that clocks are used, this allows the beginner and improving player to reflect carefully on each move in a game, and thus lay the foundations for chess success.

Unfortunately, the internet tends to offer rapid and blitz games which may be satisfactory for grandmasters, but it is lethal for beginners and juniors, who need more time to produce good play. Tournaments are pre-paired and players arrange with each other the most suitable time for their matches. They are free to use whichever device they find most suitable: telephone, mobile, email, Skype, Zoom, etc., but clocks do not have to be used, and we recommend that moves are hand recorded and also played on real chess boards, rather than the computer screen.

We will regularly celebrate our winners and keep a running total of tournaments in progress. Please keep us updated on your results. Games are currently not graded, but, by playing in these events, using the books and lessons advertised on this site, genuine improvement will follow.

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to participate in an upcoming Telex event or to update us with your results.

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