Group Chess Lessons

Chess courses are now being offered on Zoom for beginner/intermediate, and for intermediate/advanced players.

Beginner-Intermediate lessons are offered to juniors aged 7 – 16. Intermediate-Advanced lessons on Thursday evenings are now opening up to adult players (up to 1800/150ECF) as well as juniors. For safeguarding reasons, parents are invited to be within listening distance for supervision of the child during the sessions (this advice applies for both beginner and advanced classes). We anticipate that the advanced class will continue to be a predominantly junior/teenage class, but we have had previous interest from adults. If you are not happy for your child to be paired into a breakout room with an adult we suggest that you sign up for the beginner-intermediate group, or you may want to contact us to see if there are any adults signed up for the group.

Pupils should have paper, pencils, pens, chess set (ideally with letters and numbers) as well as a computer or tablet that can use Zoom. If your chess set does not have letters and numbers, and your child is not comfortable chess recording without them, you can write these out (a-h and 1-8) on separate sheets of scrap paper and slip the sheets under the edges of your board. Please note that ‘a1’ should be a black square.

As background noise can be an issue, students will be muted and will need to unmute themselves to answer questions. Please familiarise your child with this function of a Zoom call. Video, whilst beneficial for the teacher, is not necessary unless the student and parent agree to use a webcam. If there are connection issues, we recommend turning the webcam off.

Students will be invited to enter a breakout room at various points during their sessions. This breakout room will include another student in the class so they can play their match together and will be visited from time to time by the teacher holding the session. If you have multiple children signed up for the same session, please ensure that they are connected on separate devices so each child can play another student with ease for this part of the class.

There is a limited number of places for each of the courses, so it is prudent to book early.

Classes Currently on Hold until September

Evening Zoom Chess Classes

Beginner – Intermediate

£48.00 for 6 sessions from 5.00-6.00pm on Thursdays.

This is a junior only class.

With Olivia Smithies

Intermediate – Advanced

£60.00 for 6 sessions from 6.30-8.00pm on Thursdays.

Please note this class is now also open to adults as well as juniors (see notes at the top of the page).

With International Master Michael Basman

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