New Zoom Chess Courses!

Michael Basman, February 2021

Starting after half term (on Thursday 25th February 2021) there are new zoom chess classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced (up to grade 1800 or 150ECF) players.

The beginner/intermediate class is given by Olivia Smithies; the intermediate/advanced class is delivered by International Master Mike Basman.

As a SPECIAL INNOVATION the intermediate/advanced class will welcome adults (16+) to take part.

Every day is parents liberation day; we hope young players will encourage their parents (and older siblings) to take part in the exciting competitive game of chess. Life is not over when you get older than 18!

Chess classes under the guidance of Mike Basman have produced some of the finest players in the UK; but they have also not forgotten an important fact! Chess is for everyone.

Enrol here!

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