Mike Basman now on Twitch!

Mike Basman, despite his distain for computers, has been persuaded to keep up to date with modern technology! He now has an account on Twitch, and you can find him here.

We will be livestreaming for an hour every Wednesday from 1-2pm. Do let us know if there is anything in particular you want us to go through or talk about. The second half of each session will include Mike playing 10 minute games on www.chess.com against other people on the internet. If you would like to arrange to play Mike during the livestream, please get in touch!

We recorded our first livestream today, and even if you missed it you can still catch up by viewing the Mike Basman Chess twitch page. We will also be posting these as soon as possible afterwards to our Mike Basman Chess Youtube channel. Let us know your thoughts and feedback so we can make sure to keep producing content you like to watch. Remember to subscribe and follow so you get updated with future videos!

Mike gave one lesson for the first half an hour, on the beginning of a early chess match played in 1480, and played two matches today for the second half of the video – the latter game of the two was particularly dramatic! We hope you enjoy watching!

If you don’t have a Twitch or YouTube account, follow us on Facebook for notifications about new videos.

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