Telex Select Championship Results

Here are the full results of our 6th Telex Championship: Telex Select Championship

A fantastic result for Melanie Norris (Bradley School of Chess) who tore through the field. Vardhan Mehotra (Shrewsbury House School) had a slow start but showed his class by beating the winner, so collects the gold medal this time, and there were big improvements from Aathiran Oyalood (Devonshire School) and Sammy Southwell (Meadow School) who get the silver and bronze medals.

Congratulations to all players and keep up the good work!

1. Melanie Norrisx1333313
2. Vardhan Mehotra3x113311
3. Aathiran Oyalood13x31210
4. Sammy Southwell131x139
5. Thooyaa Ravishangar1133x08
6. Drayvian Thiruvannan11212x7

If you would like to be involved in playing in an upcoming Telex Championship, please get in touch! If you want to see more results from our Telex Championships click here.

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