08/08/20 Puzzle: Solution

In this puzzle, whoever’s turn it is to move (white or black) can checkmate in one.

A big thank you to everyone who sent in solutions this week! Everyone who sent in their answers received at least 1 point. If you sent in at least one correct solution you received 2 points, and those with two correct solutions received 3 points! Congratulations to the following players who have already received 3 points (in order entered):

Dominic Walters
Adem Kesaev
Aathiran Oyalood
Melanie Norris

The correct solution for white was Qf8 – an impossible to block check.
-For those who tried Ne4, make sure to check whether your piece is safe! The queen or the bishop could capture the knight in that position.
-Qg1 is incorrect because the black pawn would be able to capture the queen, and promote. In this diagram (and all future diagrams) the white pawns are moving up the board, and the black pawns are moving down! It is also possible for black to block the check by putting one of his pieces in the way. See if you can find how many pieces could block the check from Qg1.
-Some players tried impossible moves! Double check your recording skills to make sure you are giving possible results.

The correct solution for black was Qa2, as it is backed up by the bishops. This is a lovely example of a ‘queen and helper’ checkmate.
-Someone tried Qh2 but unfortunately this is another recording error! Very close – try again tomorrow and remember ‘a1’ is the bottom left corner of the board!

Tomorrow’s puzzle will be released in the morning. Points will be awarded in the same fashion and the puzzler with the highest score after the set of 6 puzzles will win a solver badge and a free chess lesson with the teacher of their choice! Consistently sending in your results will be key to winning!

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Diagram courtesy of www.chess.com

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