4 Player All-Play-All: LEH Absolute Championship Results

Here are the results of our second Telex Championship between some of Mike Basman’s best students from Lady Eleanor Holles Junior School. While not all players managed to play all their matches, one student stood out from the crowd: Congratulations Advika Konala – a fantastic member of the local Wey Valley Junior Chess Team.

1Advika Konalax3, 33, 23, –14
2Jahanvi Mathur1, 1x-, –3, 38
3Joy Janaki1, 2-, –x-, –3
4Theresa Wolf1, –1, 1-, –x3

If you would like to be involved in playing in an upcoming Telex Championship, please get in touch! If you want to see more results from our Telex Championships click here.

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